Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring (cleaning) is in the air!

Steve (the mister) and I are smack dab in the middle of a very serious bout of spring cleaning. Like we are going HARDcore. (We're talking renting a carpet cleaner, moving out the refrigerator kind of cleaning) It is quite difficult trying to clean with a (practically) three year old running around, always wanting to be involved (which is amazingly sweet, but also frustrating), and a 2 month old going through a growth spurt, constantly needing access to my ample supply of milk lol.

Hannah being the age she is is very frustrating (she never listens to a word we say) but also fascinating. She knows SO much more than I could have ever taught her. She is curious and eager and amazed by the world around her. So I thought to myself that rather than trying to find various ways to occupy her while we are cleaning, why not involve her? Having a child who is eager to help out around the house won't last forever. So this thought has inspired me to research some ways we could involve her.

This website lists the chores that are appropriate to different age groups of kids, from age 2 to 18. Hannah already (reluctantly) picks up her toys and books, and holds the vacuum while we use it, but some of the other ideas were quite cute. I especially liked the dust with socks on her hands one. Not only will that be helpful, but super cute.
This blog has some fantastic ideas for preschoolers. She even has a chore chart that I would love to try and implement in our home even after our spring cleaning is done. Giving Hannah responsibilities at this age will hopefully encourage her to continue to be responsible for life.

I'm going to enlist my little helper to make the beds with me, dust, bring the dishes to the sink, tidy up her toys, bring clothes to the laundry room.... she's not gonna know what hit her! lol

Any other ideas for how to involve a preschooler in cleaning? And make it fun so it sustains their interest? And any tips on how to get nasty linoleum kitchen floor clean? Can't wait until we can stop renting and stop dealing with stained flooring.

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